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Incident Response


NIST defines "Incident Response" as the mitigation of violations of security policies and recommended practices.  These can include incidents such as: an internal policy violations by staff, a current attack, ransomware infection, and so forth.  Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a plan on how to respond to a security incident and ultimately have to respond in an ad-hoc basis to get their business up and operational again.  While PDC Technology can respond to incidents in this manner, we encourage new and existing customers to consider an "Incident Response Program" where we work with you to develop a strategic plan.

Here are some of the specific Incident Response Services that PDC provides:

Security Guard

• Managed Detection & Response

• SOC-as-a-Service

• Threat Intelligence Services

• Incident Response Program Development

• Preparation

• Identification

• Containment

• Eradication

• Recovery

• Lessons Learned

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