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Based in Sacramento, California PDC Technology delivers solutions to businesses both large & small. We offer everything from "Emergency Response" to "Turn Key Solutions" that provide our customers with the peace of mind that allows them to focus on other areas of their business operations. Founded in 2006 by Peter Cole, an aspiring entrepreneur. With 20 years of experience managing large/enterprise sized networks he faced a new challenges supporting companies that were within the SMB market. "How do I offer quality enterprise type solutions to small businesses?" became a question he would frequently ask himself. Fortunately, with his out of the box thinking and technical knowledge PDC has crafted their ability to identify not only solutions that work, but solutions that fit within even smaller budgets. Today PDC Technology supports several small business in the Sacramento and surrounding areas doing everything from desktop support to website solutions. We can design and build a network from the ground up and maintain it. We can setup remote access solutions, imaging solutions, Virtual PBX phone systems, you name it. If there is something we do not do directly, we have vetted out amazing partner businesses that assist us in providing quality products and services to our clients.

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